Finally - I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

January 7, 2016
It is BOB time, 8.08pm, and I am in my NEW HOUSE yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
We have just got internet after three whole weeks of being incommunicado, which almost killed me.


boxing Olivia

December 15, 2015

I am surrounded by packed boxes...only three of which I half heartedly threw things into, the rest I watched scott pack, with the speed and accuracy of a movie ninja.  
He was born with all the skills and I am a blobby jelly (lime of course, that's the best flavour jelly) on the bed watching and wishing I could be muscular and fit and do all that sorta thing.  (Not)
We're moving, did I forget to mention that, probably because I am believing it is all a dream and we are going to get to the new h...
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I wants don't GET

December 15, 2015
I want a surfboard
hard used and worn 
wounded by years of 
being flung on the sea
I want it to live
 propped in my doorway
as if waiting for me
to ride off on the waves

I want past lovers
who number in hundreds
from exotic places
of which I wish to have seen
I want them all
too suffer in anguish
for want of my love
and wait yearning for me

I want a body 
unblemished and supple
of bounteous proportions
and youthful appeal
I want to wear it
with pride and affection
immense satisfaction
for the universe to see

I want ...

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Life is a Cabaret old chum...

December 14, 2015

Boobs and drugs

Gawd, no wonder I feel so shit.

Sorry, thats all I can manage today.


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December 13, 2015
Today I woke up knowing there was something wrong.
Everything hurts, I'm finding it hard to move and  my brain feels as if it is seizing up.  
I go through the possibilities of what it could be...thyroid, depression, virus, not enough sleep, post sugar high plummet...but everything has just stopped working except for a headache that is gripping my face.  
What the hell is that all about?  
A headache in my face.
Then I get tired, so fast, like I'm falling down a hole then pinned to the bed.

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The beauty of the Blog no one reads

December 12, 2015
One of my fave (very 80's term) writers, Marian Keyes,  is now producing vid blogs on a monday.  Check her out on her or youtube
They are great, but I could never ever do that.

I couldn't stand having to put me face on once a week and wear something vaguely day-like (as opposed to the permanent sight of me in my pj's - stinky ripped t shirt and stained grey tracky daks)  That is way to high maintenance and I am so so soooooooo low maintenance - well in my own mind (there w...
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"...trying to nail perfection is absurd, pointless and silly...'

December 11, 2015
By the way, Anthony Dod Mantell said the title thingy, I'm not clever enough to make that sh*t up, honestly.

But I do try for perfection, then my boss Nina gives me a time I have to hand stuff in.  Then it can only be as good as I can do it in the time I have...being a perfectionist just gives you a mental illness...believe me I KNOW.

I am having a real problem with the marketing idea of marketing is that, if my books are good and people like them then they will talk to other people about...
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Other Peoples Sadness

December 10, 2015

My facebook picture

I don't usually talk to people on facebook unless I know them.  I don't friend people I don't know either, but a couple of weeks ago I was trying to share some posts on my fan page and accidentally added a whole lot of people who had requested I add them-who I would usually ignore.
So there were all these people in my friend list that I didn't know and who I have been trying to winnow out.
I get a lot of strange men from all over the world asking me to friend them.
I dunno why...
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F*ck Shoes

December 9, 2015
My mother is a Shaman.  In New Zealand she is a Matakite or Seer, in other words she is psychic with all sorts of other super powers which are completely true, I shit you not, I have seen all of them in action.  
She became a proper Shaman (I guess she was one all the time but it was given another name) when she started working in Europe with other such similar folk from around the world.  Now Shaman are usually men and sometimes they have no earthly gender.  That is a fact.  And Shaman use va...
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Love - confession time

December 8, 2015

There is a huge difference between what I am compelled to write and what I love to read...because what I love more than anything, to get stuck into, on a cold night, wrapped up in a toasty duvet, is  Romance, particularly Harlequin Mills and Boon romances, especially the ones written by the crowned queens of romance as far as I am concerned...

Carole Mortimer, Anne Mather, Charlotte Lamb.


Why do I love these books...especially in the face of a lot of derision from some women but mos...

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