Christmas....fudge cake and chi-turkey

It is the middle of the night, the time I am oddly most active, I get up out of my cocoon like bed and go to get fill my water bottle in the kitchen, as I am trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and failing - I'm sorry but the person who thinks water can replace chocolate is an idiot!!!!!!!!!! 
The next door neighbours have all their christmas lights going, so it looks like f*cking-Vegas over there.  So, while I was trying not to go blind from the glare of the fifteen billion christmas lights, spread over everything like an electric duvet, I feel my heart shrivel a little more...BAR HUMBUG 
I am getting old, cynical, grumpy and distinctly annoyed with all things holiday-ish and christmas-sy.

Christmas has always been fraught with all sorts of drama ever since Mother said "I'm f*cking Santa Claus" to my shocked and stunned nine year old face. I think she'd been at the Blackberry nip, she's never been a happy drunk.  But actually I don't blame her at all, not now that I have been that stressed out super-mum trying to make everything "right" for everyone and failing.

Then came the Scotty too Hotty years and miraculously Christmas became fun again.  Probably because we decided to have separate and stress free christmases with our kids and anyone they decided to bring along..  
It helped that there was only one real kid, in the mix and that was our baby Tamati, who is now 20 years old and not considered a kid by anyone except me and his dad.  
So all the christmases were about him. 

Two of my favourite Christmases

Our Christmases involved Nathan's famous Chi-Turkey, a boned chicken going into a boned turkey filled with stuffing  and wrapped in bacon, expanded over the years to include a pheasant and a duck as time went on.  Roastie vegetables, delicious desserts and 
I made big batches of Mother's famous fudge cake which I handed out in great jars to all in sundry.  The mantle of which is now handed on to Tamati.

Now it is just Scott, Tama and me,
as the other kids are off to different locations and I feel...well....a bit sad but free...I guess...its a new turn in the journey...I guess.
Stuff changes all the time, so I dunno what Christmas is going to be like but I do know what I want to be doing.  
I will have vodka and orange for breakfast (the only day I drink alcohol).
Then I will become my loud funny old and very irish self.
I can be as Bar Humbug as I want.  
Scotty can be Mr Fun.  
Tama can do whatever the hell he feels like.

We can do what we love best on christmas day - eat until we can't move, get wasted, then eat some more.  Oh my Golly gosh it's going to be fabalis .