From what I have observed in my life, NO ONE KNOWS that they are stressing you out when they do it. And that includes Me!  Yes me.  
I do it all the time, I stress out even the most unstressable (not really a word) people.  And I know this because I see them shrivelling away from the whiney, annoying, stabby, serrated, sound of my voice.    
I can see it with my own eyes, but while I am being whiney, annoying, stabby and serrated, I can't hear it coming outta me.   
Then it's too late.
I've already done it.  
I'm so stressed at the moment I have to watch 'Twilight eclipse' on loop, which is the only thing that can de-stress me apart from chocolate (which is not an option right I don't got none and I gots no money to buy none) and these Dutch Almond biscuit things which are like heaven in a packet.  
The cocaine of the cake world.  
I don't got none of that either.  
I would like to share this stress but I can't, as my husband and son are both equally stressed, and I feel that if we were all in the same room there would be some kind of detonation which may kickstart another big bang, or something.

Right now

At this point of time in the universe my life is probably the most stressful that it has ever been.  I'm writing a script for a performance I'm giving at 'Festival of the Elements' Feb 6, Waitangi Day, 2016 and it is freaking me the hell out.
I have a book that has been launched which to me is much like sending your kid out out into the cruel horrible world,  alone, unarmoured, untrained in martial arts, un-armed and naked after 
cosseting them in a fur lined padded spongy walled and floored room all their lives.  Then turning your back on them and hoping, HOPING, to hell they make it.
Oh my God after writing that I really need a valium, but I don't have any, so I just have to live with the stress.
STRESS yes, thats where I came in.
Which brings me to the fact that my real life son is about to leave home, which is *shudder* a CHALLENGE for his mother, who is a screamingly overprotective, ball of anxiety ESPECIALLY where her youngest son is concerned.  
The thought of him going anywhere that isn't under my beady little eye is devastating and I HATE HATE HATE IT!
I feel like the Dad in my big fat Greek Wedding, "WHY YOU LEAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE?"
But the truth is, basically, he is being tossed out, because if he stays any longer he will end up completely USELESS!
As I am one of THOSE mothers, yeah the ones daughter and son in laws HATE with a vengeance, the sort of mother that has been known to produce serial killers (I haven't...honest)
 So he has to go...*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*
I don't want him to.
I know he has to.
I hate hate hate it..........