One of my fave (very 80's term) writers, Marian Keyes,  is now producing vid blogs on a monday.  Check her out on her or youtube
They are great, but I could never ever do that.

I couldn't stand having to put me face on once a week and wear something vaguely day-like (as opposed to the permanent sight of me in my pj's - stinky ripped t shirt and stained grey tracky daks)  That is way to high maintenance and I am so so soooooooo low maintenance - well in my own mind (there will be varying reports of this fact from the man in my life, Mr "bloody perfect" Scotty Andrew Giles *snort*)

my main (only) squeeze, mr muscles

I decided to do this blog because I was going increasingly resentful of my Professional Blog on as I HAD TO WRITE IT and it had to be full of my tales of triumph, woe and struggle vis a vie my writing.  
Mostly woe and struggle because people want to know that you are struggling - no one likes an optimistic smart arse - of which I am about 40% of the time, another 40% of the time, the bits of time no one see, apart from Scotty (husband), Tamati (Son), Nina (cuz and partner) I am a pessimistic, self hating, self destructive, annoying, needy, unbelievably sad and depressed pain in the arse with no confidence who would really love to be stoned out of her mind but can neither drink nor take illicit drugs...the leftover 20% I am eating chocolate, binge watching television series, bad movies and historical documentaries.  Me in a nutshell...a wall-nut-shell, emphasis on the NUT.

the pictures I use of me in my books...

So, I am writing this blog for the pure pleasure of getting stuff out of me...without really caring what it is.  I could write it in a journal, but then I can't be arsed with all the long hand, I'm more of a doodler.  
When I was studying creative writing, the biggest difference between my journals and anyone elses were that mine was a gigantic visual diary and I illustrated, cartooned, collaged, pinned stuff in, sewed it, anything to make the words come even more alive and show the way my CRAZY ARSED mind worked.  Because it is crazy and it is constantly creating weird stories, situations, pictures, movies and throwing them together in a thought soup.
So Blogs are like the ghost shadow version of what my journals would be only more linear.
This is also where I can fulfil my ambition to be a I made a half hearted attempt at it in the 80's (where a lot of my fun times occurred - pre diagnosed bipolar when I was just um very rambunctious and theatrical)  I was published as a journo and I did have my own column in a couple of national newspapers, only I was writing it on behalf of someone else...*coyly shuffles away* that's another story...