This is what happens when you watch too much Oprah and fall in love with Shonda Rhimes, probably the most hard working talented writer and showrunner in television.
I watched then I read her book 'Year of Yes".

So after being inspired by this woman I have now made a few decisions in my life which have turned into rules....these are...from now on I am going to:
  1. Say yes to things that scare me
  2. Say no to stuff I do under sufferance and resent
Easy you think, well we'll see, I've already made an announcement that could create a storm of controversy.
I am no longer making 'Fudge Cake" which I have made for my children and whanau for the past 25 years.  
I have stopped - not because I did this under sufferance - but because my son is better at it than I am so he can take the accolades from now on.

So lets see how this all works out...