There is a huge difference between what I am compelled to write and what I love to read...because what I love more than anything, to get stuck into, on a cold night, wrapped up in a toasty duvet, is  Romance, particularly Harlequin Mills and Boon romances, especially the ones written by the crowned queens of romance as far as I am concerned...

Carole Mortimer, Anne Mather, Charlotte Lamb.


Why do I love these books...especially in the face of a lot of derision from some women but mostly men, who give you a  LOOK - you know the look of 'What the f*ck is wrong wit cha,' look.  I actually got that look the other night from someone I'm pretty close too, who is illustrating one of my childrens books - a guy.
For a moment I felt shame - the remnants of the ten year old kid who would turn herself inside out to fit in with the cool kids in school - then I just felt pissed off.   I could have spewed ten levels of righteous anger all over him but I didn't, I honestly just could not be arsed.  
Besides, I'm sure over the years I've probably taken the piss out of someone else's reading tastes.  My first husband Calvin (Yes I've had a few husbands) read Louise L'amour Westerns and Judge Dredd comics and I'm sure I gave him crap about it constantly, although I can't remember  *blink blink*

My first husband Calvin, father of Nathan Henare and Jenna-Rose Maharata
(misspelled on her birth certificate to Marharta - I really must get that fixed)

Thing is Mills and Boon aren't written for blokes, even though there are a lot who read em on the down low.  
They aren't an intellectual treatise either.  
They are FANTASY, they are written to get you OUT of your headspace.  They are for feeling, like movies, like music, like  art and they fill me with the wonderful shudder of possibility and imagination.
They are also INCREDIBLY popular, hundreds of millions are sold and women are a gigantic demographic, half the population of the world.
I have to say, 
I actually got a bit of shit for my taste in books when I was studying creative writing.  If anything in class got a bit, what people considered, "cheesy" people would say 'that sounds a bit mills and boonsy' .  Little did they know that to me that was NOT an insult.  Ive wanted to write for Harlequin Mills and Boon all my f*cking life and I still want to write for them.   How you actually go about that is beyond me really.  
I have way to much OTHER work...but to me..its a dream ay, and we should always dream.

What is absolutely awesome about Harlequin Mills and Boon, is I can read one of those books in an hour and a bit so I get a pile and read about six at a time.
They are like crack, no, they are worse than crack, they are like toffee and salted peanut covered pop corn pressed into crunchy balls and half dipped in chocolate.  

I love em, honestly, there is nothing that can take you out of a crappy day better than approx 55000 words of Romance, and nowadays HOT and very SEXY romance..Men...Women...Conflict...Passion...sometimes a little Intrigue...come on people, what's not to love??????
They are swoon-worthy.

Right now I TOTALLY recommend Carole Mortimer's Alpha series, they are HOT!