Shoes of the Goddess

 Shoes constructed from paper, handmade silk paper and muka, (flax fibre)  


Shoes are not about superficiality.  For women in the western world they can be a potent symbol of identity, sexuality and beauty.

They are an example of how about how we can be manoeuvred by a wider cultural ideal into connecting with and attaching significance and meaning to objects.  The object in turn acts as a signifier which encompasses our sense of personal identity and self image.

Six years ago I owned 38 pairs of shoes. Apart from a pair of flip flops and gym shoes, which saw the inside of a step class three times a week they were all, sleek, and sexy with high skinny heels.


"I'm getting married in the morning"

"Silky fluffy pussy cats" 


They were beautiful, and as I teetered about in them embracing the agony in my heels, the throbbing discomfort in my toes, which competed doggedly with the stabbing pains in the balls of my feet…I felt beautiful, alluring and much-much  more than that, I felt sexy. Then, because of illness, I was started on medication which I would have to take for the rest of my life. One of the side effects of the medication was that I would gain weight … a lot of weight.


The choice of physical beauty or health sounds easy, but it’s not. How much of our identity is tied into our appearance?

I made a choice and in a very short period of time I went from sexy to hefty and larger every year.

So now my gorgeous sexy stiletto heels are a fading memory and …I am reduced to comfortable flat shoes with sturdy heels which clump. I knew aging was inevitable, but teeter to clump in six years. 

I miss those shoes.


"Paper Puff" 

"I know we're twins but we don't have to dress the same." 


All these shoes are modelled on the only pairs of shoes I kept from that part of my life.